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Vibration-Resistant BiMetal Thermometer

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>>Vibration - Resistant Bimetal Thermometer

Our thermometers are developed to build temperature sensitive bimetallic measuring devices.
The bimetallic sensor is made of two coils twisted together and welded at their end being selected on purpose with very different thermal expansion coefficients.

The two materials will generate a torque at their free end when submitted to temperature changes.
Our temperatures can be used to all parts such as marine engines, ships, offshores, plants, chemical industry because that most suitable and reliable thermometer against severe vibration.

Gas type is vulnerable to leakage of gas due to the heavy vibration on account of which is injected gas into the tank with compensator method. (Bad function caused by a small amount of gas leakage at the initial time is hard to find.)
In the early days, high temperature have been used with gas and mercury because that.
The bimetal did not make more than 600 centigrade degrees.
In the end, the Gas type have been used compensator by bimetallic compensation.

But, through the development of domestic technology, high temperature bimetal element and bimetal thermometer are commercialized and stabilized for marine engines with 100% satisfaction in harsh environments. as a thermometer that is superior in quality and technology are very popular by customers.

Not possible to crack due to assembling type of the inside.
Not possible to leak caused by the engine heavy vibration.
Verification of no leak and crack due to the use of special bimetal element.

Dial out. dia. : 65, 75(80), 100, 150mm
Working temperature : -30 ∼ 650℃
Material : SUS304, SUS316
Accuracy : ±1.6% of full scale
Pocket thread : PF1/2, PF3/4, M33X2 (Pocket Out. Dia : 9mm ∼ 32mm)

 * The global engineering company is treated with sinwoo measurement company of the cooperation and business relationship on korea and overseas sales in future. and in addition, sinwoo's bimetal high temperature 650 centi-degrees is good quality and no claims after application of marine diesel engine such as Doosan, STX engine, Hyundai engine since 2000 continuously.

The sinwoo's thermometer is only for marine engine where so many vibration has happened during in engine operation continuously and also, on voyage. so we will export to SIKA maker by OEM this year.



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