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Digital Graphic Dial Thermometer

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>>Vibration - resistant Digital Graphic Dial Thermometer


  • Description
    These thermometers measure accurately and reliably, even when exposed to extremely high mechanical loads. this series of thermometers has been designed for applications where strong shocks and vibrations.

    The thermometers are completely made of stainless steel thermometers combine the easy, quick visual reference feature of a local indicator and the precision readout of a digitaln thermometer with a unique interchangeable probe concept.

    Digital graphic dial thermometer provides easy reading with the graduation of regular interval.
    Wide ranges and various models are available. Digital graphic dial thermometer is manufactured with –100∼+800℃ range and its bulb is smaller than that of liquid filled type in the middle temperature range.


  • Feature
     Battery-powered interchangeable display/probe assemblies.
     Easily read display with either analog or digital indication.
     All stainless steel for heavy-duty industrial process applications.
     Process direct & remote mounting Etc.
     Dust and moisture protection level is to IP 65 and EMI to Ec standards.
     Requiring very low power consumption, units are either battery powered
     (with a minimum 5- year life)


  • Specification
     Measuring range : -100 ∼ 800℃
     Power supply : Lithium battery (service life:> 5 years)
     Reading cycle : 3 second intervals
     Pressure tested : up to 100bar
     Stem diameter : 4.8/6.4/8mm
     Dial size : 100mm
     Accuracy : in accordance with DIN EN13190 Class 1
     Connection : 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 NPT, PT, 
     Material : SUS304, SUS316


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