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Earthquake-resistant rebar coupler

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As the KOSTON's Earthquake Resistant Rebar Coupler is made by rolled thread after completing of tapered forging, The quality of coupler is excellent and strong clamping and high strength and in addition, it has no claim reports  from most of customer after installation of them. KOSTON's Earthquake Resistant Rebar Coupler  is very strong of clamping and unlocked condition for construction work such as, building, railroad, bridge, road , highway and nuclear power plant.

KOSTON's Earthquake Resistant Rebar Coupler  is more easy and speedy manufacturing and more strong and clamping. Combined machine can be manufactured the tapered forging and rolled thread and it is easy to move and has good processability and workability because of minimize weight and volume. So, it is available to move anywhere worldwide because of portable production equippment.

The Global engineering company come to business with earthquake-resistant rebar coupler for overseas construction work on anywhere worldwid in future and we will marketing directly and OEM from overseas company.

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